Level 3


Apart from its excellent lamps, this bed is also loaded with special features.

  • There are four 500 watt facial lamps to ensure you the optimum color all over
  • Speakers within the bed provide the ultimate relaxation process
  • An automated control panel allows you to adjust the facial lamps, fan strength, and music volume from within the bed

If you’re looking to get dark fast, the KBL America 6800 will get you there in style.

  • This bed has 48 160 watt lamps
  • The lamps have low UVB levels below 2%, something no other salon in Sonoma County has to offer
  • It is the strongest VHR manufactured, meaning the lamps maximize 80% more power than ordinary tanning beds with less UVB. This decreases the risk of burning while exponentially accelerating the tanning process with that golden glow your friends will be seriously jealous of!

Level 3 includes use of the KBL (12 minute bed) as well as access to all the beds in levels 1 and 2.

Level 3
Anytime Tans (No Expiration Dates)
6 Tans: $93 (Save $21)
12 Tans: $180 (Save $48)
Walk-In Single Tans: $19
*Can be shared

Level 3
Unlimited Monthly Tans
1 Month Unlimited: $109
2 Months Unlimited: $198 (Save $20)
1 year Unlimited: $980
*No sharing, freezing or holding