Level 2


For 360 Degrees of Flawless Tan

The KBL Stand Up is the perfect way to achieve 360 degrees of flawless, even tanning.

  • There are 50- 220 watt lamps
  • Excellent dual cooling system provides top-to-bottom comfort
  • Built-in speakers, for your listening pleasure
  • Cooling fans circulates the air from above to create a cool and relaxing session
  • This bed has an 11 minute maximum tanning time

The Royal Sun Turbo takes the power up one more notch with more lamps and more wattage, giving you the darkest color quickly.

  • There are 38 160 watt lamps
  • Body fans are attached at both the top and bottom of the beds to help you stay cool 
  • This bed has a 12 minute maximum tanning time

Level 2 includes the Royal Sun Turbo and Stand Up (12 minute beds) & access to beds in level 1. 

*Level 2
Anytime Tans (No Expiration Date)
6 Tans: $73 (Save $17)
12 Tans: $142 (Save $38)
Walk-In Single Tan: $15
*Can be shared
*Level 2
Unlimited Monthly Tans
1 Month Unlimited: $87
2 Months Unlimited: $154 (Save $20)
1 Year Unlimited: $782
*No sharing, freezing or holding

Single Tan Upgrades
Upgrade from level 2 to level 3: $5