Level 1


Stubborn Legs?

Then the Legacy Leg Tanner is your solution.

  • There are 34 lamps specifically designed to target the tough skin on legs that makes tanning them so difficult
  • This bed has a 10 minute maximum tan time
  • If you have difficulty getting the color you want on your legs, incorporating this bed into your regular tanning routine can drastically improve your color

The Royal Sun Express is a gentle, spacious way to get that golden glow you’re after.

  • There are 32 100 watt lamps per bed
  • The low pressure lamps are an ideal way to ease into a tanning regiment
  • An adjustable body fan ensures maximum coolness while tanning
  • The bed has a 20 minute maximum tan time

Level 1 includes the use of the Royal Sun Express and the Legacy leg tanner.

Level 1
Anytime Tans (No Exp.Date)
6 Tans: $53 (Save $13)
12 Tans: $103 (Save $29)
Walk-In Single Tan: $11
*Can be shared
Level 1
Unlimited Monthly Tans
1 Month Unlimited: $64
2 Months Unlimited: $113 (Save $15)
1 Year Unlimited: $584
*No sharing, freezing or holding
Single Tan Upgrades
Upgrade from level 1 to level 2: $5
Upgrade from level 1 to level 3: $9