Commonly Asked Questions

Spray Tan Commonly Asked Questions

Can I still swim, shower, and work out with my spray tan?
Definitely! But make sure you wait at least six to eight hours after your spray tan before you do!
(The longer the formula remains on your skin, the longer lasting the results will be. So be patient!)

How does the bronzing formula change the color of my skin?
Dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, combined with a variety of anti-aging and skin firming ingredients,
is the main compound that alters the skin by giving it a customized, bronze glow.

Is it safe?
DHA has been an approved cosmetic additive by the FDA for over 30 years.
The use of DHA is approved only as a topical additive and the FDA recommends that individuals should avoid inhaling and ingesting DHA. For this reason, Versa Spa technology emits the least amount of formula necessary to achieve a full-body tan, thus reducing the amount of inhalable mist.

Will the formula dye my clothes?
After your spray tan, some of the formula may transfer to the inside of your clothing, but don’t worry! The formula is water soluble and will wash out in cold water.

How long with my spray tan last?
The duration of a spray tan is dependent on a variety of factors. 
1) Following procedures before and after you get your spray tan is crucial. Exfoliating before your spray tan will help remove excess dead skin that would flake off after your spray, thus removing some of the color. 
2) Once you get your spray tan, the longer you let the formula rest on your skin, the longer the effects will last. The recommended time is at least six to eight hours, but the longer you can wait the better your results will be. 
3) Keeping your skin moisturized the days following your spray tan will extend the duration because dry skin will cause flaking that will decrease the effects of the tan. Sunless tan-extending products can be used to help prevent some of these issues. If you can, try to avoid using chlorinated pools or hot tubs as the chlorine may have a bleaching effect on your tan’s color. If it cannot be avoided, wait at least 24 hours after you get your spray tan. 
4) Each person’s duration will vary slightly due to the skin’s natural exfoliation process. Everyone’s skin is different, so if your skin naturally regenerates more quickly, the tan will fade more quickly. 
Taking these variables into consideration, the ‘life span’ of a Versa Spa spray tan will generally last between 5-7 days if all procedures are followed as suggested.

Will my spray tan turn me orange?
No. Bad imitations and older technology can have that effect, but the Versa Spa formula and spray booth are new, innovative, have excellent ratings, and offer gorgeous results!

How soon will I see the results?
You will be able to see the results of your spray tan instantly but they are generally more visible about an hour after being sprayed. The overall complete effects will generally appear between 12 and 24 hours. Our Vivid Gradual Clear solution offers a gradual color development, however if you’re wanting immediate color, we suggest our Venetian Instant Color for an instant bronze boost while your spray tan develops!

How do I prepare for my spray tan?
Prepping for a spray tan is fairly simple and it is best if you can shower before and come with completely clean skin. Using moisturizers, especially those with silicone, make-up and perfumes can prevent the formula from properly adhering to your skin. Though the formula can penetrate make-up, it is recommended that you do not wear any to ensure a completely even tan. Additionally, shaving and exfoliating after you get your spray tan can decrease the duration of its effects. So it is best to do those immediately prior to getting your spray tan.

Will the tan be splotchy?
No, Versa Spa has an extremely fine mist (the finest in the industry) in order to ensure an even, all-around tan. When in the booth, you will perform a series of movements that will allow your whole body to be evenly covered without causing some areas to splotch or be darker than others.

What type of skin type should I have to use the Versa Spa? What if I have sensitive skin? Will it make my freckles stand out if I have fair skin?
One of the great things about using the Versa Spa is that it works well with all skin types.
We have several levels of the formula for you to choose from so whether you’re looking for a slight glow or a dark tan, you’ll get the color you’re looking for. Because the formula is 70% natural sugar cane derivative, the spray is much more gentle on sensitive skin than some other spray tan options. Also, unlike UV tanning, the spray tan won’t increase the size, number, or darkness of your freckles.

Is the booth claustrophobic? Am I allowed to breath while I’m inside?
The Versa Spa booth is actually an ‘open air’ booth so there are no doors to block you in.
This removes the common claustrophobic feel many booths of the past instilled and makes the process much more comfortable. One of the other benefits of the ‘open air’ concept is that it improves breathability during your spray. We recommend using breathing protection but the only time it is required that you hold your breath is when the spray is directly on your face. There is also an exhaust fan system that helps prevent you from breathing in the formula and an infrared light that runs throughout the session to keep you warm.

Does my spray tan protect me when I’m in the sun?
Though your skin will be several shades darker, it is crucial to remember that the tan you received did not involve UV rays and WILL NOT protect you from sun exposure. It is common to think of the darker skin as being the equivalent of a ‘base tan’ but that is not the case and you should take the same precautions in the sun as you would have before your spray tan.

I’m new at this. What do I wear? How does it work? How long does it take?
We understand that a lot of people have never used a spray tan booth or, if they have, have never used a Versa Spa before. That is absolutely OK and we expect questions, so never be afraid to ask us! We want the best experience possible for you and are here to make sure you feel comfortable. Here is a brief overview of the process, but we will also be sure to run through everything with you in person before you get your spray tan:

  1. Make sure to follow the preparation procedures listed above and leave yourself enough time before your event (24 hours is usually ideal).
  2. Wearing loose-fitting, dark clothing to your spray tan is best. Once in the spray booth, your clothing choice is up to you. The booth is in a private room and you can wear clothes, a bathing suit, or nothing at all!
  3. Once inside the booth, you will be instructed through a series of movements in order to get an even tan throughout your entire body. We’ve all seen the episode of “Friends” when Ross sprays himself in the face several times, but do not fear! You are prompted throughout the session when to make each movement so this won’t happen to you!
  4. When the cycle is complete and the booth shuts off, you simply get dressed and head home, making sure to follow the post-spray instructions listed above. The whole process generally takes around 10 minutes, though the spray itself only lasts around 3 minutes. For your first spray tan, expect to spend a little longer in order to allow for us to answer your questions and provide instructions.